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by Rene & Ruth & Family
From the bottom of our hearts Rene and I are very grateful to have met such a great person as yourself. We could have never found a better day care than yours. You have taken time and effort out of your busy life to care over our son. You have taught him many things that has made him an even smarter child. You have opened your arms and your heart to our little boy and for that and all of the above we are forever grateful.
by Molly S
We have been so happy with The Apple Tree Learning Centers. The kids are active all day and the teachers give them lots of individual attention. Our daughter loves her group and has a great sense of pride in going to her school every day!
by David and Meredith R
Our son has learned how to socialize and as a result also has many good friends. The Apple Tree Learning Centers is also a wonderful platform to teach routine at a young age.